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Flowing with Waves of Transformation

Having a personal, spiritual practice to lean into during this most recent mercury retrograde is the most important gift I have provided my whole self and my loved ones. It is the practice that has allowed for grace to move within. Allowing for the ebb and flow of intense emotional waves associated with the collective transformation/death energy we are all experiencing.

Patience and Desire

It has taken years of continually coming back to this desire. A desire to have a personal space where I sit with Divine in order to "face" all the facets of the divine inside myself. To sit, to shift energy, to sing and to listen to Divine, so that I can better serve my family & lineage, loved ones, community, humanity, Mother Earth and the Universe.

Community and Practice

Over the past three weeks, our weekly sessions together along with my sadhana (a personal practice that promotes personal well-being,) has been the saving grace for the amount of change and transformation I am witnessing within myself and others.

Being together and practicing with the tools that provide shelter from the storm waves is one of the greatest gifts of being present here in the Aquarian Age. The Mantra, Mudras, Meditations, Kriyas and Breathing Practice, the tools we are utilize together is creating such a beautiful, powerful, healing wave.

It has become obvious to me that we are being given an opportunity to become more compassionate, better listeners, patient with thyself and other as glide through transition. Even when the amount of pressure being applied from all sides, can feel like our entire being is caught in the grips of a giant Vice. Being able to remain calm, with a cool head and keeping the fire energy in the belly (the solar plexus) versus letting it rise up to the heart, throat and head, has been the collective "work" I am witnessing within myself and others during this transition.

Acceptance and Trust

Acceptance is also part of the process. Trusting that the Universe knows exactly what it is doing while allowing "Divine Timing" the grace required so that when the pressure releases, we are able to see with "new" eyes through the heart space.

[From my perspective, It helps to remember that pressure is required to transform coal into a diamond or for a birth to take place or a lotus flower to break through mud and muck in order to bloom.]

The combination of being together as well as taking time for the self, to promote mental, physical and spiritual well being, has been the important piece that is allowing me to move through this current period of transition.

Thank you for showing up for mantras, mudras, meditations and Kriya practices. I am deeply humbled and grateful that you are here on this journey together as we continue to walk each other home!

Sat Nam friends!

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